New Invention – Shade Light Switch: An Automated Lighting Controller

Learns your routines, then automates colors and brightness levels. Designed for Philips Hue. Energy savings for any dimmable bulb.

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Imagine how many times you have turned on a light switch out of habit, only to light a room that is already lit by the sun. Shade is smart enough to know when more light is needed, or when you can conserve energy by lowering bulb output.

Shade is a wi-fi controllable light switch that learns how you interact with your lighting. It will automatically adjust the brightness of any dimmable bulb according to your preferences throughout the day. Shade is unique in that it also interacts with Philips Hue, Lux, and other smart bulbs. Other smart bulb compatible switches on the market can cost $200-300. Shade costs a fraction of that, and adds in a feature not found anywhere else.

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