New Invention – Rumpl is The World’s Best Blanket. Modern blanket inspired by Active Lifestyles

The modern blanket inspired by active lifestyles and made from materials developed for the outdoor industry.
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Rumpl was started by a team of active designers who love the outdoors.

On an ill-fated camping trip in early 2013, we praised our sleeping bags for keeping us warm and comfortable while stranded on the side of the road in sub-zero temperatures. We realized that all the amazing materials used in puffy jackets and sleeping bags could be used in a blanket. When we returned home we set off to create a better blanket for everyday use, paying close attention to comfort and modern design. The deeper we dug into this project, and the more we learned about the capability of the materials we selected, the more we realized how versatile this blanket is: soft, durable, stain and odor resistant.

We encourage you to find your own use.

Our team is a group of active people that work as designers and product engineers. We have over 20 years of experience creating consumer products for major companies, including Mountain Hardware and Marmot. Rumpl is special because it’s something we wanted to use in our own lives, so we concentrated on every detail to ensure that the product is designed perfectly.

Our Supplier & Manufacturer:

Our material supplier is the same one who sells to many of the major jacket and sleeping bag brands. The material is made from ultra-fine 20D Ripstop nylon and coated with DWR to repel water, even after many washes.

We have selected a manufacturer that has extensive experience producing premium bedding products for major brands. They are also equipped with the latest machines capable of making our unique patterns and have the know-how to work with our premium materials. Our manufacturer is capable of mass producing this product exactly as we have envisioned it and is able to assure quality control over large orders. Our factory samples are exactly the same as what we will be shipping to our backers, the product is 100% designed and ready to go. Fulfillment will be handled in San Francisco by our team.

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