New Invention – Robocular the 3D Scanner for everyone

An affordable, high-resolution, full color and texture 3D Scanner that can automatically create 3D models of every day objects.
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Bringing high quality 3D scanning to everyone

We created the Robocular 3D scanner for people who, like us, were not satisfied with the existing solutions available for 3D scanning. Today, you can either buy a high-quality, but very expensive machine for several thousands of dollars, or you can buy a low-cost scanner but with low-mid accuracy components. Many high-resolution scanners don’t even support color, let alone texture. In 2012, we decided to build a device that just worked, and had the precision of the very high end scanners, at the cost of a few hundred dollars and would be so simple it could be used by everyone. After ten different prototypes, we are now ready to share this scanner with you.

What is it?

Our product is a high quality 3D Scanner that just works. You open it, put an object in it then hit scan, and it will automatically create a 3D model of that object for you on your computer. It’s that simple. The model will be of high-resolution and in full color and texture.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, it shines a high accuracy line laser onto an object from various angles and various directions, turns the object around and reconstructs the 3D model based on what it sees on its HD camera. This is the principle behind most 3D scanners – we take it several steps further though.

The object is placed on a high-precision turntable which rotates at about 4,000 steps per revolution. That means it has a comparable amount of information to taking 4,000 pictures of the object from various angles. On average this also means a single model will have about 2-3 million points for every pass. The whole thing is in an enclosure so that external light doesn’t interfere and so that you don’t have lasers swinging around your room. The laser is a green, low-divergence laser which can capture raw details at up to 150 microns (that’s sub-millimeter accuracy – see models below) – after mesh reconstruction that error will usually go down significantly and the scan will be even more accurate than most 3D printers can output. The scan volumes range from 7″ diameter x 7″ height (mini version) to 9″ diameter x 9″ height (standard version).

In the standard version, the laser and camera can move up and down and the laser can be swept left to right. This means the device can take scans of the objects from multiple angles/locations and recombine to create a more confident version, improving error even further. In the mini version, there are two fixed lasers.

Once the geometry is acquired, a white light allows for crystal clear color acquisition, generating a fully colored and textured 3D model. All the technical specs and models are below so read on!

The Robocular 3D Scanner in action

We played around with the scanner to make you a video that showcases its main components and what it is capable of doing. Please turn on the sound as the music is synced to the scanner.

Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

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