New Invention – RepRap Open Source 3D Printer

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“RepRap is humanity’s first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine.” –

RepRap 3D Printer – Lowest cost self-duplicating 3D printer.

Why RepRap Open Source 3D Printer?

Desktop 3D printers have been in market for many years, mostly started from RepRap Project. The main goal for RepRap designs is to use mostly plastic and some other affordable materials, which results such a cheap price. all plastic components can be printed by the printer itself, with that you can build another printer easily, that’s where the name Replicating Rapid Prototyper comes from.

There are many versions of RepRap 3D printer in the market, we are going to introduce two of the best and most affordable, high-precision 3D Printers.

They are Mix G1 Plus and Prusa i3 Plus.

How does RepRap 3D Printers work? 3D Printing is a process of building up a three dimensional solid object layer by layer from any digital model with material as plastic filament.

What can it be used for? I would say it’s limitless, it can be used it rapidly prototyping in architecture, industrial design, automotive, dental and medical industries, fashion design, footwear, jewelry, eye wear, education and almost all engineering field. Use your imagination, it can be a handy tool for you to make anything and make it real.

What make us different? Mix G1 Plus and Prusa i3 Plus results the best printing quality in the current 3D printer market. And provide great control experience like any other thousands dollars 3d printers. With manual control mode, you can easily test your printer’s three dimensional movement, it’s a useful mode for debugging process. SD card printing mode can be a great benefit for people who doesn’t have a spare computer to connect to a 3D printer all the time, because the printing process normally takes hours to finish.

What kind of softwares/ firmware that we are using:

Software: Repetier (Repetier)
Firmware: Sprinter

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