New Invention – RECAP 2: Record iPhone calls in iPad, Android mobile tablet.

Ever needed to record an important phone call, Skype or VoIP? RECAP let you record audio from mobile & tablet into another!
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RECAP 2 at a glance:

Simple but useful device.
Record phone calls, Skype, Vonage, magicJack, VoIP calls
…any audio in&out of an iPhone, iPad or Android…
…into another iPhone, iPad or Android.
Mix & match devices as needed:

Typical Use Cases:

Business meetings: don’t get distracted taking notes during the meeting. Playback recording to creating meeting minutes. Share recording with participants or archive for future reference.
Podcasters love RECAP because they can interview guests over an phone or skype call on their iPhone, and record into the iPad in an app such as Bossjock Studio
Empower yourself: instead of asking the utility/cable company to send you an email confirming the agreement (which they promised but rarely do) you can be proactive and record the conversation for future reference. Tweet | Facebook the empowerment moto.

The Story

A few months ago I launched a Kickstarter project called RECAP – Record Calls on PC. It was a great success! Project was funded, around 200 units have been delivered to backers of 23 countries; and RECAP is now for sale at

From day one of launching RECAP 1, people asked me “can I record into an iOS device instead of a PC”. The answer was NO, RECAP is not designed record INTO iOS/Android. However I did listened to the many requests and have redesigned RECAP and am now funding RECAP 2! Hooray!

RECAP 2 record to/from iPad, iPhone and Android. See comparison between the original RECAP and RECAP 2:

RECAP in the real world:

Rob from Today in iOS interviewed me (Igor) over the phone using a RECAP 2. He recorded the call into his iPad. Rob does his ENTIRE podcast using iOS and RECAP, so RECAP is a great tool to his workflow. Check out the interview recording: Click here (scroll to min 1 to hear the recording)

Apps used in my sample recordings: iOS “Voice Record” by Dayana Networks Ltd., Android: “Smart Voice Recorder” by Smartmob Development. Rob from Today in iOS used Bossjack app.

How to use RECAP

It’s very use to use RECAP, you just plug it and hit record when you place a call. Watch this video where I walk-through the unboxing of RECAP.

Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

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Real name is Onil Maruri and I am an Entrepreneur giving a helping hand to others I can help.

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