New Invention – RaspiVoice is Raspberry Pi based text-to-voice

Raspberry Pi based text-to-voice Makes it easy to add a voice to any Arduino, Gadgeteer or other microcontroller project.
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RaspiVoice allows you to use a low cost RaspBerry Pi mini computer as a text-to-voice device for Arduino boards or any other microcontroller

The main purpose of this project is to make a community based low cost but truly versatile text to speech device that allows anybody to add speech to any project.


High quality sound playback
Very easy to use
Accepts normal text sentences as input
Can say more than 9000 popular words
Serial UART interface supports most baud rates
Works with 3V3 or 5V (*Gadgeteer or Arduino)
Supports both male and female voices
Spells out works for which no sound file exists
User can own WAV files for sound effects etc
Written in C++ for optimum speed
Probably the most inexpensive text to voice ever
How it works

It works by having about 9000 popular commonly English spoken words saved as WAV file on the SD card. When you send a text sentence “Hello world”, it will break it into indivdual words an play the two files called “hello.wav” and “world.wav” in quick succession, making it sound like a sentence. And each of these 9000 words are stored in a male and female voice so you can even switch mid sentence.

Because it plays individual files for each word, these sounds very realistic and clear. But when you make long sentences it does not have good flow. This is not good enough for something like ebook reading etc, but its perfectly acceptable for say short sentences like “Movement detected kitchen area”. It ws developed with technical applications in mind and therefore supports most commonly used technical jargon words.

What does it sound like?

If you watch my video above, I have several demo’s to illustrate what it sounds like and how easy it is to use. If you are interested, then please be sure to watch the video… especialy the second halve.

Why use Raspberry Pi?

I chose to base it on Raspberry Pi for the following reasons:

Cost – you can buy a Raspberry Pi for about $30
High quality audio
Support huge 8 Gb SD card for sound files storage
Easy to update the app and sound files
I’m not in the business of selling Raspberry Pi’s itself… you can pick them up for very cheaply on places like Ebay. Instead I sell just the software and a little interface board I call the “RaspiVoice Shield”. You buy your own Raspberry Pi, amplifiers, speakers etc what you will need at the best price you can get them. I will post details on my website how to download an SD card image that will allow your Raspberry Pi to become a RaspiVoice device. Only requirement is that you MUST use the RaspiVoice shield that I provide.

Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

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