New Invention – Rainforest Connection: Phones Turned to Forest Guardians

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Technology to stop illegal logging and poaching on-the-spot. It’s our answer to climate change & mass extinctions.

Rainforest Connection transforms recycled smartphones into autonomous, solar-powered listening devices that can pinpoint signs of destructive activity at great distance.

It’s the world’s first scalable, real-time logging detection system, pinpointing deforestation activity as it occurs.

Taking it one step further:
Rainforest Connection Mobile App
With the Rainforest Connection mobile app, any interested person from around the world can listen-in on the rainforest anytime, from anywhere.

In late 2014, we will release web & mobile apps to let our backers stream the LIVE sounds of the rainforest in Africa and the Amazon. Just click Play above to hear the sounds of the rainforest as captured by the RFCx system in Sumatra.

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