New Invention – Radmo: The perfect mobile phone mount for your car

**This is an update to a prior video.** The Most Innovative Solution For Mounting Your Mobile Device While Driving
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Radmo is an ultra-durable (last for years),mount for mobile, mini-tablet and GPS devices that fits right into your car’s CD player, effortlessly.

Radmo’s unique design is like no other mount available on the market.

Radmo literally takes seconds to assemble with no need for any tools.

It’s 100% adjustable for any phone size up to mini-tablets.

Made of pure nylon, Radmo’s solid-state flexible nylon arch keeps the arms, base and your mobile device in place even on the roughest of rides.

It’s just a quick insert and release from the CD slot and your CD player is still usable and completely unaffected.

Our idea was to create a new concept of Mobile phone mounts for your vehicle.

The challenge was to create a mobile phone mount using a base to support the electronic device from below.

We eliminated parts that wear out quickly like vacuum caps, magnets or sticky pads. Instead, we chose heavy duty elastic nylon polymer with a built-in elastic arch to support and fit your electronic device perfectly.

Next we wanted to make sure the CD player is still usable in all mobile device heights, positions and models. A quick install-and-release system which remains stable even on rough, shaky roads was design. The design allows for easy access to the charger, USB and audio plugs.

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