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The RadCam 2-axis handheld robotic stabilization system powered by 2 brushless motors, designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 3 & 3+


The RadCam Sport is the ultimate GoPro 3 accessory.In a nutshell it’s a robotic, motor assisted handheld stabilization system… think of it as a new digital type of camera stabilizer that in some cases can take the place of a Steadicam.

The RadCam Sport is powered by a lithium polymer battery that drives two brushless motors and the onboard electronics to create a 2 axis gimbal that provides roll and tilt stabilization with no backlash; this constantly keeps the camera level, no matter what movement is going on with the operator.

The RadCam Sport is lightweight and features multiple handles for a variety of shooting positions, options and conditions. It can easily be operated with one or two hands. The RadCam Sport also features a thumb controlled joystick feature that allows you to track your shots easily on the fly. Tired of shooting blind? The RadCam Sport features a live video feed with zero latency. This feed is displayed on a 4 inch LED monitor allowing you to see exactly what you’re shooting in real time.

The RadCam sport is the perfect solution for capturing amazing level, vibration-free footage from a GoPro 3 or 3+. The GoPro 3 series has proven itself to be an amazing sport cam, and the RadCam Sport is the ultimate add-on to take your projects even further. Throw it in a backpack or in the back seat of your car; the RadCam Sport is compact, lightweight, and very robust.

·2-axis brushless gimbal
·Onboard, pre-tuned electronics
·Multiple adjustable handles
·4 inch LCD monitor with hood
·Lightweight, durable and compact

·Weight: 1.85 lbs. with GoPro Hero 3 and battery on board
·Length: 15″
·Width: 12″
·Height: 8.5″
·Battery type: 11.1v 450mah lithium polymer battery
·Charger: Lithium polymer battery charger
·Monitor: 4″ LCD with hood


The RadCam Sport idea was born out of the dedication, hard work and creativity of Tyler Caros and Mike Rivard. Tyler is the Technical Director of RadFlight (parent company of RadCam Sport) which is in the business of flying cameras on drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for use in movie, television and commercial production. The quality of the video produced is extremely important and stabilization is critical. RadFlight has been constantly working to improve the camera stabilization on its aircraft using the latest technology available. Mike Rivard, founder of RadFlight and Tyler Caros decided they wanted to find a way to bring this amazing airborne technology down to earth. Their goal was to create an affordable high quality piece of stabilization equipment for professionals and amateur cinematographers shooting with the GoPro Hero 3 line of cameras.

For years various companies have tried to stabilize cameras using weights and counterweights on cumbersome rigs which are heavy, uncomfortable and make filming difficult. With today’s new technology, RadFlight has developed the RadCam Sport an innovative product which is easy to carry, versatile and provides excellent quality footage that until now could never have been captured on such a portable handheld device.

Tyler Caros was originally trained at the Art Institute of Los Angeles as a 3D Animation Artist. He worked in this field for several years during which he developed an interest in designing and building remote controlled multicopters, including their onboard electronics and camera stabilization systems. Tyler is also skilled in 3D CAD design and has become an expert in the 3D printing field. With his vast experience and creativity Tyler has taken the latest technology and designed and built a robotic handheld stabilization system specifically designed and built for the GoPro Hero 3 and 3+.

For several years Tyler has been stabilizing cameras on numerous aerial cinematography and photography platforms. His interest in aerial camera stabilization eventually led to creating custom stabilization for numerous applications, including extreme sports, reality TV, news, auto sports, and much more.

The RadCam team felt that professional, affordable video stabilization equipment should be obtainable by anyone, and with that, the RadCam Sport was born.

The design started out on paper, and numerous sketches were drawn to visualize the first prototype. When Tyler finalized the idea and design, he took to their Airwolf 3D printer to create the first parts. After several tests to make sure things fit properly, and several 3D prints later, the RadCam Sport was ready for testing.

The Team at RadCam put the system through numerous tests, fine tuning the electronics, testing various batteries and making sure that the RadCam performed to the expectations of a professional.

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