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Qblinks is a tiny cloud collaborated Bluetooth 4.0 device that allows you to remotely get smartphone notifications and control it, too!

TechCrunch – “…the Swiss Army knife of iPhone remote controllers.”

Digital Trends – “This smartphone remote control will also show customizable notification alerts.”

Fast Company – “A smartphone remote control for nerds, with all the power of IFTTT”

LAPTOP – “You do not need a smart watch to remotely control your smartphone…once Qblinks is available.”

Geeky Gadgets – “…more than just a remote control…”

TechableJP – “そして、このほど登場したのはよりマルチな取り付けタイプの小型ガジェット「Qblinks」だ” (“Qblinks” has appeared recently among small gadgets of various mounting types.)

Connected Objects – “Voici venu Qblinks…qui vous permet d’être notifié.” (Here comes Qblinks…that allows you to be notified.)

iCulture – “Qblinks zorgen ervoor dat je de iPhone veel minder vaak uit je broekzak hoeft te halen.” (Qblinks ensures that you pick iPhone out of your pocket much less often.)

Lyon Capitale – “QBlinks: la télécommande d’Iron Man pour iPhone.” (The Iron Man remote control for iPhone.)

PCnews – “одноименный гаджет, представляющий собой некий мультитул…”(The eponymous gadget acts as a multitool…)

Business Next – “Qblinks遠端遙控手機…按個鈕就完成” (Qblinks controls mobile phones remotely…all done by one click.) – “o telecomandă pentru iPhone cu adevărat utilă” (a really useful remote control for iPhone)

Gooyait – “یک دستگاه جدید است که برای کنترل کردن آیفون شما طراحی شده است که می تواند برخی از توابع گوشی ” (a new device designed for your iPhone that can control some phone functions.)

Imagine if you can…
Have you ever wanted to be able to control your phone without having to touch it, or to know when you have new notifications without having to look at the screen?
Introducing Qblinks
Qblinks is a multi-function device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to your phone and to the Qblinks Cloud. Qblinks allows you to choose the wireless functions you would like to have at the touch of a button, and to define which notifications you would like to receive.

Remotely control your phone: You can remotely activate Siri, remotely start, stop, and switch between songs on your phone music player, remotely control your phone camera’s shutter to take photos, and remotely search for your phone if misplaced.

Customize your notifications: Qblinks uses a multicolored flashing light mechanism to notify you of incoming calls, messages, emails, and various social media notifications, so that when your phone is in your pocket or purse, you are still able to know precisely what notifications you have received. Through the Qblinks cloud, you can share your Qblinks status with your friends, and allow them to share their status to your Qblinks device as well.

Ambient temperature sensor: Qblinks has a sensor which can detect ambient room temperature. You can use a smartphone app to remotely display the temperature detected by Qblinks on your mobile phone, recording that temperature and sharing it to the Qblinks Map, where it can be shared with the entire world.

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