New Invention – PurposeMatch helps you discover a sense of purpose.

PurposeMatch helps you discover a sense of purpose and matches you with opportunities to make it happen.
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Ever asked yourself, “What the heck do I do with my life?” You’re not alone…an entire generation of young adults admits to feeling stuck or lost. Millions of 20- and 30-somethings are struggling to find (and prepare for) a successful and purpose-filled career.

PurposeMatch helps people get unstuck. It’s not necessarily about finding that one perfect thing to do with the rest of your life…though we’ve seen that happen. It’s about taking exciting, intentional steps in a direction that fits with who you are and what you’re all about.

First, our SPARX purpose-discovery system (developed in collaboration with a leading Psychometrics expert at Pepperdine U) helps you think about your purpose in a practical, relatable way. Then, we’re creating a purpose-based map of the world to match you with real opportunities to live and further explore that sense of purpose. We’re on Kickstarter because we need your help to make that possible!


We didn’t set out to create a software company…or even a solution for finding “purpose.” Our story didn’t even begin with an idea. It began with some really cool moments that we didn’t fully understand.

We had a life coaching and college admission counseling business, and we sat with hundreds of young people, digging into their stories and looking for patterns, connections, and unrealized potential.

Soon, sparks began to fly.

We saw these young people come alive as we reflected possibilities they hadn’t seen before – careers, extracurricular activities, and college options that fit with who they were and what they cared about, but that they hadn’t considered.

The SPARX System
As we dug into those amazing moments, we found that there were four major factors involved: what they were good at (Strengths), what they loved doing (Passions), the needs in the world they most wanted to impact (we called this “Awareness”), and their style of working with others (Relationships). Where these four factors intersected and collided, people found exciting opportunities to live their best lives and reach their fullest potential, and we called this intersection the magic “X.”

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