New Invention – PLUMEN 002: A Designer Low Energy Light Bulb for the 21st Century

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The Light Bulb Re-imagined by the Team that Created The PLUMEN 001, The World’s First Designer Low Energy Light Bulb.

The New Plumen 002 Light Bulb

The world needs beautiful energy efficient light bulbs just like it needs Tesla’s gorgeous electric cars. Reducing our energy consumption should feel like a positive, life enhancing choice, not a compromise.

Our first bulb, the Plumen 001, is an alternative for the 60W incandescent light bulb. It is great for most situations, but not for all.

It works for areas that need to be bright, but isn’t always perfect for dimly lit ambient spaces, like bars, coffee shops or your living room. Places where warmer tones define a texture and softness in the atmosphere — that’s where the 002 comes in.


Our new bulb is an energy efficient alternative to the 30W incandescent light bulb. Anywhere you can use a filament, you can now use the Plumen 002 and save energy (and money) without losing any of the magical light quality.

We love the incandescent style bulbs – the warm and the patterned light they create is beautiful and seductive, making a lovely atmosphere wherever they’re placed. The only problem is, these bulbs are the most inefficient of all. To put it in perspective a Plumen 002 light bulb requires less than 25% of the energy to power than a 30W incandescent light bulb.

The 002 offers a new alternative. It’s a very mellow new light bulb designed for the coziest of contexts – We’d love your help in making them happen.

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