New Invention – PLUGAWAY inside 3D render

Plugaway: Your Smart Home on Your Smart Phone
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The affordable and personal smart home. Your style. Your brand. Your app & Your settings. And this is just the beginning.


We call them smart-homes because they’re trendy, convenient, and stylistic. But wouldn’t it be even smarter if it were yours?

PLUGAWAY produces simple-to-use, super affordable Smart Plugs & LED Bulbs, that let you wirelessly control and monitor your home from your phone – Even better, it will be open & firmware free.

PLUGAWAY hardware. It’s everything our backers wanted and it’s here!

We studied many of the smart home electronics available today and made PLUGAWAY more compact, more intuitive, more open, and most importantly, much more affordable than anything else out there!

Plugaways already come with a pre-built, free app for the Android and iOS – it has all the basics and is so simple to set-up, it’s anxiety-free!

Yet we’ve gone even further: We have decided to let everyone, including small firms, interior designers, developers, restaurant owners, even hobbyists, build an app in their own style with limitless functionality, share their skins on our website and brand the software with their logotypes. In short – to give it your personality.

Simply connect it to any appliance(s) you want, and start Plugging Away!

Plugaway: Your Smart Home on Your Smart Phone
Support PLUGAWAY at KickStarter –

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