New Invention – Pip: Never lose your pets with a Small GPS/Cellular Locator

Pip is a small GPS and activity tracker for dogs and cats with great battery life, nationwide coverage and added connectivity.
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Our Story

Shortly after adopting our 15-pound terrier mix, Pip, he escaped through the fence to chase after a squirrel. Our family immediately went into panic-mode. We searched all over. We called neighbors and animal control. In the end, he was found eating trash from a dumpster at a nearby hotel. We were relieved to find him, but the helpless feeling lingered as we thought about the horrible things that could have happened.

Several months later, my in-laws’ cat, Juniper, went missing. Days went by and Juniper still hadn’t returned. At this point we all began to fear the worst. Nearly a week later, Juniper was found trapped deep under the porch with a dislocated knee. Risking getting stuck herself, my mother-in-law crawled under the porch to rescue Juniper and rush her to the vet. Unfortunately, Juniper’s hind leg had to be amputated. If we had found her sooner, the vet would have been able to save her leg.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents and the sad truth is that many lost pet stories have worse endings. No one expects a pet to go missing, but since I began working on this project, I’ve heard hundreds of stories of missing pets. Most of the time, the pet had never shown any signs of running off before, but then something unpredictable happened. Each year, nearly ten million pets are reported missing. These pets are members of the family. While everyone has a different story, the panic, fear and trauma of each experience is always palpable.

We all want to be good pet owners. We do our best to keep our pets happy and healthy by giving them the best food, keeping them active, and taking them into the vet for regular checkups. As the owner of a small dog with a passion for chasing squirrels, one of my greatest fears is that Pip will escape and run blindly into traffic. I built this device out of my desire to give myself the peace of mind that I can find him quickly if this happens and I named it Pip, since he was the inspiration behind it.

Never lose your pet again. No matter where he runs off to.

Pip is a small device that attaches to your pet’s collar. With Pip, your pet will never be lost again. If your pet leaves a safe area, Pip will send you an alert with your pet’s exact location. Our app will then use the GPS in your phone and the GPS in Pip to guide you to your pet. You can also send out an alert to neighbors and friends.

Pip uses a cellular data connection to transmit the GPS location of your pet, so even if she manages to run across the country, you’ll be able to see her exact location.

How is Pip different?

We understand that a GPS tracker with a cellular connection is not a new idea. However, the trackers that are currently available are all bulky, with poor battery life, and expensive monthly fees. In contrast, Pip is small, with excellent battery life, our Kickstarter backers will have no monthly fees and Pip will offer additional features beyond GPS.

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