New Invention – ONICS: A Smart Car For Everyone

Onics is a novel way to integrate one’s smart phone into the car to transform the everyday car into a smart car.
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A Smart Car For Everyone

As transportation and mobile computer technology continue to develop, more and more people are looking for ways to integrate their smart phone into their car for music, entertainment, and other connected applications. ONICS Corporation is a San Diego, California based car aftermarket company that developed a proprietary system which aims to transform your car into a smart car, as well as create a better and safer way to drive.

People have landed on the moon with a fraction of the computing power that rests in your pocket or purse.

Smart phones today come standard with quad-core processors, High Definition capacitive displays, as well as an array of enhanced chips to increase connectivity and speed.

ONICS takes full advantage of this “power in-your-pocket” and partners it with your car to truly unlock the potential of this amazing technology.

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