New Invention – NEUROSCOUT Brain Profile to Optimize your decisions

A neural profile and practice regimen that tells you how quickly and accurately your brain and nervous system make decisions.
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What is the first Neuroscout Context Profile?

The first Neuroscout Context Profile is the Neuroscout Baseball Profile, which is a comprehensive look at how well your nervous system hits a baseball. In this Profile, we compare your performance to that of professional/collegiate players, so you can see what you need to work on to hit like the pros.

The Neuroscout Baseball Profile is built for you from a maximum one-hour Profile Building Session in which we read your brainwaves while you try to hit baseball pitches in a video game. We then deliver your Profile through an easy-to-use PC interface (later as a mobile app) that allows you to see the following insights:

1. Behavioral Baseball Insights

a. Strike zone accuracy

● How accurately you called balls and strikes

b. Pitch recognition accuracy

● How accurately you identified fastballs and breaking balls

c. Swing reaction times

● How quickly you swung at good or bad pitches

2. Neural Baseball Insights

a. Decision Index

● When your brain decided on a pitch and where the ball was

b. Decision Strength Index

● How strongly your brain decided on a pitch

c. In-the-zone Index

● How “in the zone” your brain was before the pitch

With the info from your Neuroscout Baseball Profile, you can practice on our app playing the same video game that you played during your Profile Building Session. We can show you how your brain is likely changing its response as you get better at hitting those pitches.

Here’s how it works

Our brains are made of hundreds of billions of cells called neurons. These neurons talk to each other, but not by using words like we do. They use electricity and chemicals called neurotransmitters. When we read your brain’s electricity waves, we listen to these neurons talking to one another. Electroencephalography, or EEG, is the way we record these brainwaves.

The Neuroscout Baseball Profile is the first of its kind because it measures brain activity that directly relates to what you’re doing – hitting a baseball, in this case. There are many new companies out there claiming to show you meaningful data about your brain activity. But the brain is a complex organ – perhaps our greatest frontier in science today – and anyone that tells you they know exactly how yours works is not telling you the whole story. That’s what we’re here to fix.

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