New Invention – Neptune Pine: Smartwatch. Reinvented.

Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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CNET: “…a timepiece with sexy specifications, a cool (and actually usable) interface, and total independence from a smartphone…”

TechCrunch: “…it’s possible that this new offering from Neptune may be the coolest one I’ve ever seen…”

TechnoBuffalo: “…it sounds like a pretty amazing smartwatch that may actually be able to replace your phone instead of simply acting as a trusty sidekick…”

Tech Cocktail: “Meet Pine, a smartwatch that’s actually smart.”

Thrillist: “…it’s actually stylish, and takes previous smartwatch functionality to the next level…”

Yahoo!: “…the company deserves praise for managing to pack so much into a tiny device without sacrificing aesthetics…”

Droid Life: “It looks sleek, sexy and totally awesome…”

LAPTOP: “Neptune Pine’s gadget is a clear indication that smart timepieces may evolve just as quickly as cell phones have…”

Gizmag: “This is the type of watch that gadget lovers have craved for generations…”

Redmond Pie: “Neptune Pine might just be the smartwatch we have been waiting for…”

Introducing Pine

Smartwatches have been a topic of much interest lately. However, most of the wrist-worn devices on the market right now don’t really seem to be living up to the hype. They’re usually sold as Bluetooth-tethered accessories for your smartphone; either for fitness tracking or as a sort of notification center. But then you’d have to buy and carry around two devices all the time, which actually means more hassle. That’s not cool. That’s not fun.

That’s why we decided to develop our own smartwatch: the Neptune Pine, the most connected independent smartwatch.

The Pine is the only device you’ll ever need. It’s really the top of the food chain when it comes to smartwatches, packing more features than any wrist-worn device out there, without the need to keep your smartphone nearby. This is the smartwatch, reinvented.


The Pine allows you to make and receive phone calls, and send SMS text messages on most mobile carriers worldwide thanks to its full standalone support for quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and quad-band UMTS/HSPA+/WCDMA.


When we looked at existing smartwatches, we all asked the following question: “How can I possibly type on this tiny screen?” That’s why the Pine sports a 2.4″ capacitive touch display, enough to comfortably display a full QWERTY keyboard. This makes typing on the Pine as easy as typing on a regular smartphone.


With 3G and Wi-Fi, you can conveniently browse your favorite websites, view and post on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, send and receive e-mail, watch YouTube videos, check the local weather and much more; it’s the complete wearable web experience on your wrist!


You can’t improve what you can’t measure. The Pine can measure it all. With the built-in GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer and digital compass; the Pine tracks your steps, pace, speed, time, laps, location and calories burned with extreme precision. Various fitness apps such as RunKeeper are fully supported on the Pine. And with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver, you can pair the Pine with a large array of existing fitness tracking devices.


VGA front-facing camera. With flash.

Share your smile via the front-facing VGA camera in a video chat on the 2.4-inch display. The Pine supports all of the existing video-chatting services on Android such as Skype, Fring and Tango.

And there’s a front-facing LED as well (a first!), acting as an always-ready flashlight, the occasional heart-rate monitor, and, of course, illumination for your video chats in dim lighting.

Rear-facing 5-megapixel camera. With flash

Release your Pine from the watchband and shoot crisp, still images, and high-definition video fast using the 5-megapixel camera. In any lighting too, with the integrated LED flash.

Neptune Pine, the definitive all-in-one smartwatch. Voice calls, video chat, full keyboard, GPS & much more.
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