New Invention – Nanoleaf Bloom is A New Way to Dim Your Lights!

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Dimmable in regular ON/OFF light fixtures/lamps. Adjust the brightness with your existing ON/OFF switch. Set the mood and save energy!

Last year, we created the world’s most energy efficient light bulb. This year, we wanted to find a way to allow people to save even more energy. The solution was the Nanoleaf Bloom. By giving people the freedom to dim down their lights in more places, it further reduces energy usage! We hope that this will encourage even more people to adopt energy efficient lighting, and be able to indulge in living efficiently.

No hardware, no apps, just take the Nanoleaf Bloom out of the box, put it into any fixture and start adjusting the brightness using the light switch that’s already there! With our patented technology, we have been able to transform the switching of the light switch into a control signal for our light! With this technology, we have enabled you to dim your lights in light fixtures that were before only able to be 100% on or off.

We believe that the only way to increase adoption of energy efficient technology is to make it more convenient and more innovative than the existing products on the market. We designed the Nanoleaf Bloom to improve the convenience of being able to dim our lights wherever we are regardless of whether a dimmer switch is available.

*Possible side effect of actually having fun while turning on your lights.

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