New Invention – MYBELL: The 1st Customizable Digital Bike Bell and Lights

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Powerful Customizable Digital Sound & Light System for Bikes, Scooters, and More. Select Your Own Sounds Digitally Like Ringtones.

Unleash Your Creativity
Why should we be limited in our options? The award winning MYBELL empowers users to decide what sound and light combination works best for them. We don’t live in a one-sound-fits-all world. Different sounds elicit different responses depending on geography and culture. People know their local streets, paths, and roads better than anyone else which is why a product should exist that can be customized and programmed for their environment. Users might choose a particular sound (“Truck Horn”) or light pattern (“Knight Rider”) because they believe their selection will provide increased utility or because they want to be unique and emphasize their personality.

A traditional bike bell might work in some areas IF it can be heard but sometimes your surroundings necessitate a different audible or visual signal. What works in Brooklyn might not work in Shanghai or London. You decide what works best. Perhaps you might want your MYBELL to sound like a traditional bell – but Louder!

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