New Invention – Mr. Postman – The smart, secure, Wi-Fi enabled mailbox.

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Mr. Postman is the first smart mailbox that brings snail mail and package delivery up to the 21st century.

What is it?

Mr. Postman is a smart mailbox specifically designed for your packages, both tracking them and keeping them safe. Along with additional security such as a keyless locking system and tampering alert, Mr. Postman makes your life smarter by letting you know what packages have arrived.

It’s Wi-Fi enabled, solar powered and is a brand new spin on the ol’ mailbox. Like to know when you get mail? Mr. Postman gives you that! Like to know that your mail is safe and sound? Mr. Postman gives you that too!

Mr. Postman sends updates to the app on your smart phone to let you know when your outgoing mail has been picked up or when new mail has been delivered.

So, let’s say you’re out of town and want a friend or neighbor to grab your mail. Well, you can send them a one-time use virtual key via text or email so that your mail is still safe and sound, but they can get your mail at their convenience. Cool, right?

First Mailbox Specifically Designed for Packages

Because we get a lot of packages and like for them to be nice and protected, we made Mr. Postman 3 1/2″ wider than the standard mailbox, so that it can accommodate more packages. So, more of your packages (books, electronics, video games, toys, tools, clothes, jewelry, you name it) will be able to be delivered safely to Mr. Postman rather than just left unsecured at your door!

Mr. Postman measures 9.8″ wide x 8.6″ tall x 20.4″ long.

Also, to give it a nicer look, we gave it a recessed door, which also better protects your goods from the elements.

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