New Invention – Mountek Reach an instant tablet entertainment center in your back seat.

Create an instant tablet entertainment center in your back seat.
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A Better Back Seat Experience
The Mountek Reach is a universal mobile device mount that turns rear facing headrests into instant multimedia and entertainment centers.

After the successful launch of the nGroove Snap on Indiegogo last year, we were inspired to bring the same clean design and ease of use to the back seat. We’re delighted to return and debut the Mountek Reach to the Indiegogo community first.

Here’s the nGroove Snap and the new Mountek Reach together.

The end of, “Are we there yet?”
We’ve all said it or heard it before – the cry of a passenger anxiously awaiting their destination so they can be freed from the prison that is the back seat. It doesn’t have to feel that way.

The Mountek Reach turns the back seat into an instant entertainment and productivity center, keeping you or your passengers busy so the driver can focus on the road ahead.

With an instant rear headrest mount, the back seat takes the spotlight.

Keep children entertained during long drives with movies and games.
Take video calls and get work done from the back seat.
Create a back seat virtual dashboard to play music or navigate the trip.
Soon you’ll go from hearing “Are we there yet?” to “Just five more minutes!”

How Does It Work?
The Mountek Reach adjusts to fit any standard two-pole headrest. Two simple knobs secure it in place.

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