New Invention – Mootch: On-Demand Renting of anything via an App

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Mootch is a new platform for on-demand renting of everyday goods. We make it possible for people to rent the items and gear they need.

How We Began

“It was my first apartment. I wanted to paint the walls a bright, bold red, but I didn’t have any painting supplies. So I took the bus to Home Depot on 23rd. After collecting all the supplies, I went to the register and the bill was $200. I didn’t buy anything and walked out of the store frustrated. When I got back to my apartment building I went door-to-door seeing if anyone had these supplies. One of my neighbors did and I offered them cash to rent their painting gear. Twenty bucks. I saved $180 that day. I thought, why isn’t there an easier way to know what other people already own and furthermore, why isn’t there a way for them to be making money off of their stuff? And so the idea of Mootch was born.”

Why can’t we rent out the items we own? Why can’t we easily rent what others own? Aren’t you frustrated when you have to go buy something that you only use a couple times a year? Don’t you wish you could rent it instead?

We have finally invented a way to make peer-to-peer renting simple and safe.

What is Mootch?

Mootch is a platform for on-demand peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer renting of everyday goods with delivery and pick-up.

Have electronics, kitchen appliances, designer items, etc. that you only sometimes use? Make extra cash by renting them out to other people.

Need a pricey camera, food processor, tent or bike for a couple of days but don’t want to buy it? Someone (whether it’s an individual or a small business) around you probably has one you could rent.

All of this, on one platform: Mootch. For the first time, you have a mobile app to rent pretty much anything from people around you without having to buy it and you can make money by safely and securely renting out your own stuff.

Stop buying, start Mootching!

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Written by Thinker

Real name is Onil Maruri and I am an Entrepreneur giving a helping hand to others I can help.

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