New Invention – Monster Checker App: Can help children conquer their fears and in their own beds.

Most Children are afraid of monsters. With the Monster Checker App you can help them conquer their fears, and sleep in their own beds!
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The developers of monster checker are dedicated to supporting children’s charities. If we can reach our funding goal we will pledge to give 50% of all profits from downloading the app to support children’s charities. (Please note we are not donating the funds raised on Kickstarter we need those to develop and market the app. We are going to donate 50% of all the revenue that the app generates from the Google Play, and Apple Stores) This is our way of giving back and doing something good with the project that you have helped us create. Many apps get millions of downloads and with your help and support we think this app will also, which would allow us to donate a significant amount to children’s causes.

We need your help not only in contributing to get this app developed and marketed but also in choosing the most worthy children’s causes for us to donate the proceeds the app generates. So after you have contributed please message us with the charity you think is most deserving and once the funding is done we will pick the top ten charities to receive 50% of the revenue generated from the downloading of the Monster Checker App.

We will be keeping detailed tracking of how much money the app has raised at, so you will be able to check in at anytime and see how much money has been raised.

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