New Invention – MM1 Modular 3D Printer – Customize Your Printing Experience

The MM1 adapts as quickly as the technology that surrounds it. Capable of printing single, dual, paste extrusions, and more…
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“The MakerMex website itself is well worth a visit with its range of features from a web-based CAD tool to filament sales.” – 3D Printing Industry

“But what sets the MM1 apart is its big emphasis on customization, along with interchangeable extrusion heads that allow for easy transition between printing materials.” – Gizmag

Our MM1 is not just another 3D printer, it is a comprehensive 3D printing platform that eliminates the need to replace or update outdated printers. What makes the MM1 unique is its modular design and interchangeable extrusion heads, and additional accessories that allow the printer to accommodate advances in 3D printing.

Technology has become a game of “out with the old and in with the new,” but the MM1 printer is designed to grow with you over time. Users can customize their 3D printer with accessories such as Wi-Fi capabilities, auto-leveling beds, heated beds, acrylic enclosed walls, and additional extruders that print paste, wood, single and dual extrusions and more.

The MM1 is ready for modification by you! The four current extrusion systems we offer are a single extruder, a dual extruder, a paste extruder and a high temperature extruder – they have each been designed for user-friendly interchanges with a single connector to keep the modular system plug-and-play.

We modeled this printer with versatility and expansion in mind. We have created a platform to provide a unique, customizable experience for those interested in 3D printing. With its customizations, the MM1 can be the perfect printer for anyone – you can print with chocolate one minute and PLA plastic the next. The possibilities with the MM1 Modular 3D Printing System truly are inspiring!


The MM1 comes with a standard extrusion system for printing ABS and PLA, as well as other “low temperature” materials (under 240 Celsius), like PTE, Wood filament, etc.

Available add-on accessories:

High-temperature extruder for nylon, polycarbonate, etc.
Paste extruder for chocolate, Play-Doh, ceramic, and other pastes for experimenting
Dual extrusion system for bi-color and support material
Flexible extrusion system for optimizing soft filaments
Auto-leveling bed for beginners and children
Heated bed attachment

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