New Invention – MIOPS is a new era in High Speed Photography

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MIOPS starts a new era in high speed photography with the flexibility of smart phone platform and the power of electronics.

MIOPS – Take your photography skills to a whole new level.
MIOPS delivers all of the features required for high-speed photography in a single unit and provides advanced features via a total integration with the smart-phone platform. It will make taking creative photos so easy that you will have the opportunity to reveal your skills with great shots. MIOPS will be your favorite photography equipment.

MIOPS is not the first trigger in the market, but it is going to be the best one. You can control MIOPS with your smart-phone over Bluetooth. You can adjust the settings using dedicated smart phone application and send them to MIOPS with a simple click on your phone.You can either use MIOPS for basic functions like high-speed and lightning photography, but you can also let him perform complex scenarios like combining different modes in the same setup. If you don’t want to use a smart-phone, you can always configure MIOPS using the on-board buttons and colorful LCD screen. MIOPS will have an upgradable firmware. It will be open to new features and upgrades will be free for life-time. You will be able to charge MIOPS with any USB charger. It will be light weight, compact sized and compatible with most of DSLR cameras.

I’am excited, tell me more!
MIOPS is a standalone, small factor device which can trigger your camera or flash unit. It has three different sensors; light, sound and laser. MIOPS uses these sensors to detect external events such as lightning, fireworks, popping balloon or a laser beam cut by an obstacle, just to name a few. When such an event is detected, it triggers your camera or flash unit. MIOPS has an input port where you can hook up external sensors as well. You can for example hook up a pressure sensor and use the pressure as a triggering event. It is possible to program MIOPS so that it will take a picture whenever someone steps on your door mat. You just need to place a pressure sensor under the mat and connect it to MIOPS. There are so many different sensors out there and this means you have unlimited options as well to demonstrate your creativity with MIOPS.

MIOPS is not bigger than a credit card and only less than an inch in thickness. It is also light weight and consumes very little space in your camera bag. This is especially important if you carry your other heavy equipment in your bag. MIOPS has a colourful LCD screen and easy to use interface. You can configure your device using the on-board buttons and the screen. It gets even easier if you do this over your smart-phone. MIOPS has Bluetooth capability and with its dedicated smart-phone application you can configure MIOPS without even touching it. All of the device settings are also available on the application. On top of the basic modes and settings, the smart-phone application offers other features like cable release modes and scenario processing mode where you can define event scenarios using the combination of the different sensors. You can for example create a custom scenario like this: I want the sound mode to be activated after the sunset. You configure this using the application and the scenario is sent to MIOPS over Bluetooth connection. Afterwards, you can take your phone and go away, MIOPS will take care of the rest. It does not need the smart-phone to be close by to operate. You can store the scenarios in the application and reuse them whenever you want. You can store up to three scenarios and each of them can check against up two five different conditions measured by all of the sensors. MIOPS is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, so it is energy efficient, has great coverage and is compatible with iOS and Android smart-phones with Bluetooth 4.0.

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