New Invention – Michron: Timelapse device for beginning and advanced photographers.

An affordable, user-inspired timelapse device for beginning and advanced photographers.
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Michron is a device that plugs into your camera and allows you to take timelapses. This kind of device is called an intervalometer. Michron is special because it has no buttons or screens; instead the user interface is the Michron App on your smart phone (Android or iPhone).

Once you’ve created your settings in the app, upload them by plugging your phone into Michron with the programming cable. After you have uploaded your settings, you can disconnect your phone. Michron will perform completely on its own. Once Michron is plugged into the trigger port, it will tell your camera to take photos according to your settings. And don’t worry, Michron’s battery has a life of over 2500 hours, meaning you will probably never have to replace it (and if you do, it’s easy to replace).

What is a timelapse?

A timelapse is a collection of photos taken over a period of time that are then compiled together to create a video that expresses time in a way not normally seen. Timelapse photography gives you the freedom to visualize the passage of time as you want, allowing for infinite creativity. To see one of the many videos that got us inspired by timelapse photography, check out

Which cameras does Michron work with?

Michron works with any camera with an external trigger port. This includes almost all DSLR’s and a growing number of point and shoot cameras (to see the full list, please see our FAQ). We will confirm your camera make and model when we send out our survey to ensure that you get the appropriate cable for your camera.

How do you turn the photos into a video?

Michron tells your camera to take photos at the interval you designate in the app. After you are done collecting the photos you can open them into any one of a handful of free or purchased programs (Timelapse Assembler, Lightroom, etc) which will quickly turn your photos into the final video. Although it is straightforward, we will also provide a short video showing how to use these programs as part of our manual.


We will provide a few tutorial videos to help you get started taking timelapses. In these videos we will show you how to use each individual feature of Michron as well as share some tips and tricks that we have learned from our experience on how to take better timelapses.

Made In America

Michron will be manufactured and assembled in the United States, although certain items such as accessory cables and electronics components may be sourced through non-domestic channels since many of these items are not made in the United States.


Michron is programmed by your Android or iOS device (If you don’t have one of these, check our out FAQ for some more information), allowing us to program in some cool features not feasible on a device sporting an LCD screen and a few buttons.


If you are completely new to photography or timelapse this optional feature is for you! Put your camera in Landscape mode (or Portrait, Night Scene, etc) and pick a pre-made setting on Michron: People, Clouds, Landscape, Cityscape, Stars. From these presets, Michron creates all the settings for you and works with your camera as it shoots in Auto.

Intervalometers typically require the photographer to shoot in Manual (meaning the user adjusts the camera exposure) but many people do not know how to do this. AutoTimelapse fixes this problem and makes timelapse accessible to all photographers.

An affordable, user-inspired timelapse device for beginning and advanced photographers.
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