New Invention – meMINI is a wifi enabled wearable camera for your favourite moments

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meMINI is a wifi enabled wearable camera that allows you to handpick your favourite moments, after they happen

Every day, we share experiences with family and friends. As we struggle to retell the story to others later, we often regret not having captured it on film somehow. With meMINI, there’s no longer any need for regret…

“meMINI is a wearable Wi-Fi-enabled camera with recall, which helps users save film-worthy moments in high-definition video after they’ve already come and gone.” – Mashable

“The best wearables will be those that solve a specific problem. The Memini camera is one such gadget,….” – Tech Radar

“Memini’s wearable camera gives you the gift of hindsight”- Engadget

“meMINI is one of the CES 2014’s intriguing little products” –

“Memini lets you re-watch it all” – Pocket Lint

“Memini shoots to create the Go Pro of the lifestyle market” – Idealog

Capture the past with Recall

Recall gives you the ability to use hindsight. It allows you to save moments in high definition video, after they happen — because we understand that the best moments in life tend to happen without warning.

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