New Invention – Megalo Mini: Smallest portable charger that packs a punch

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Megalo Mini is the smallest portable charger with a capacity of 1400 mAh – powerful enough to charge your smartphone for the whole day.

Megalo Mini is a functional and straight-forward portable charger designed with the user in mind. Equipped with the capacity to recharge your iPhone 5 up to 75% and your Android phone up to 100%, depending on the model, Megalo Mini is very small, ultra-light and can be easily attached to your keychain. The soft matte surface and sleek design of Megalo Mini allow you to safely place the charger together with your phone in your pocket without the risk of scratching the touchscreen. In addition, Megalo Mini comes with the cables built in, making it even more compact. So there’s no extraneous wire, unlike with most other portable chargers. True to its non-gimmicky purpose, Megalo Mini does what a portable charger is supposed to do — it provides extra power for a phone in the most convenient and effortless way possible.

Megalo Mini charges most phones in about an hour. Megalo Mini itself can be recharged in 45 minutes. In fact, you can simultaneously charge your phone and Megalo Mini from any USB port. Four LED lights on the front cover of Megalo Mini indicate how much charge is left. A high-quality and reliable PCB prevents Megalo Mini from overcharging when the battery is full.

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