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A new concept in cycling, a beautifully designed bike with smart engineering & low cost. Quality with no compromise, Priority Bicycles

We have added more bikes! Please see the new $384 tier, a $45 savings over retail (bicycle + smartphone holder). Every bicycle level backer now receives a free smartphone holder.

We are so honored and thankful that the Kickstarter community has embraced Priority!

We Are On A Mission To Make Cycling Easier

Our Unique Product

Chain-free – Priority Bicycles do away with messy chains that ruin clothes and feature clean belt drives that’ll make your ride smooth. In 1984 Harley Davidson replaced their chains with belt drives, too. Why? Chains require lubrication, they rust, and are susceptible to the weather. Belt drives are more durable, more quiet, and cleaner.
Lightweight Aluminum Frame – Unlike conventional steel frames, Priority is made from strong, lightweight aluminum to make it easy to carry the bike up and down stairs. The aluminum is also rust-proof, making Priority perfect if you live near the beach or somewhere with rain or snow.
Super Comfy Saddle – Riding should be enjoyable, so your seat should never make you feel sore. Our saddle has two layers of foam to make sure you’re always comfortable.
Upright Seating Position – Sore backs can be a byproduct of biking, but not with Priority. Our bikes are designed for upright seating to ensure you feel as good after the ride as you did before.
Theft Deterrent – We know you’ll fall in love with Priority, and we want to do anything we can to keep our bikes with their proud owners. By using bolts instead of quick releases, Priority makes it more difficult for thieves to disassemble parts. You’ll still have to lock up your bike, but bolts are a precaution Priority has taken to make theft more difficult.
Puncture Resistant Tires – It’s the little details that make riding Priority easy. We’re not saying you’ll never get a flat, but those thorns and glass have to work a lot harder to ruin your ride.
Easy to Assemble – Once your bike arrives, nothing stands between you and the open roads except a simple four-step, five minute assembly process that requires no previous technical bike knowledge.
Everything You Need – Priority Bicycles are designed to get you on the road quickly and easily. When you purchase a bike, everything you need is included, from a tire pump and assembly tools, to a kickstand to a water bottle cage.

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