New Invention – Magnic Light iC – Intelligent Contactless Bicycle Dynamo

Magnic Light iC: The intelligent successor of the revolutionary Magnic Light dynamo- with micro-controlled steady light & extra energy
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What is Magnic Light?

Magnic Light is the first contactless dynamo-powered bike light system that works without any additional components attached to the wheels. A tiny 60g-light unit will generate never-ending bright light without any batteries, without wheel-contact, without cables, and without any resistance. What sounds like a miracle is based on simple physical principles. It has nothing to do with perpetual motion machine concepts or pseudo-science. During our first Kickstarter-campaign of the original Magnic Light in February 2012, many could not believe this technology would actually work.

How does it work?

The key is so-called eddy current technology ( Energy is drawn from the rotating bicycle wheels without any physical contact, and thus without friction. Instead, eddy currents created by strong magnets generate electricity to power the lights (International Patent Pending PCT/EP/2012/001431). When the wheel spins, magnets inside the generator induce eddy currents with corresponding magnetic fields in the wheel, which in turn interact with the magnets in the generator. The resulting electricity will power your lights indefinitely without any environmentally harmful batteries or cumbersome cables. You will not feel any resistance as the lights send their bright beam ahead.

Only highest quality!

The main principle of Magnic Light is simple, but costly: Uncompromising efficiency in every aspect! This means, Magnic Light magnets have the highest known magnetization level. Magnic Light LEDs have the highest efficiency currently available. Magnic Light lenses have highest light yield for the driver. Finally, the Magnic Light body has the smallest size and weight possible for its purpose: Powerful light without any effort!

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