New Invention – Macropod: Revealing the World Unseen

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We’re bringing a portable 3D macroscopic imaging device to the market that will enhance scientific research.

The Macropod by Macroscopic Solutions

If you think you know exactly what a spider looks like, our team at Macroscopic Solutions, may persuade you to take a closer peek.

Up close—really, really close—that little creature has a breathtaking beauty, intricacy and, yes, even a trace of creepiness, which one can’t appreciate from afar.

Macropod Overview

We have developed and commercialized an inexpensive, portable and easy-to-use 3-D imaging technology that produces high-resolution macroscopic images, like the magnificent images found in the gallery of our company web site and on our flickr page.

Our product, the Macropod, is an automated image stacking solution that compiles as many as 500+ single-frame photographs into 1 image so that the final picture is completely in focus, in high-resolution, three dimensional and in color. The device is configured so that any user can operate it, even if they have no IT or photography background. The essentials, i.e., lighting, exposure time, ISO, aperture and focal limitations are all made easy. This means that scientists can spend more time conducting research and less time learning how to be a good photographer.

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