New Invention – LovePop 3D Holiday Cards That Pop Like Magic

Help LovePop create their all new and original holiday collection of intricately designed keepsakes!
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How a LovePop Works

A LovePop is more than just a greeting card: it’s a wonderfully unexpected way to show your appreciation for family, friends, co-workers, and anyone you’d love to smile.

The LovePop magic comes from the sophisticated paper sculpture at the heart of every design. It folds completely flat, is securely attached to the card with thread, and perfectly placed so that opening the card is a total surprise and delight to see!

Cards are designed using CAD software. Computer rendering on top compared to photograph of a completed card on the bottom.
We are engineers who were enchanted by the ancient art of papercutting on a graduate school trip to Vietnam, and began dreaming up endless possibilities for greeting card designs.

So far, we have sold LovePop cards for birthdays, weddings, and many other special occasions for hundreds of happy customers at craft markets this past summer. We’ve even created original designs for special custom orders. Now we want to bring the joy of LovePop to you and your loved ones for the holiday season.

The LovePop Holiday Collection

The LovePop team has just created prototypes for six all-new and original 3D holiday cards. Please support our Kickstarter by pre-ordering these cards so we can have them cut, manufactured, assembled and mailed by December.

Who is LovePop?

LovePop was founded by Wombi Rose and John Wise. We are best friends who met in shipbuilding school, and after highlights that include traveling the world together, setting up a scholarship at our alma mater, and even building a Mississippi steamboat for 30 of our closest friends, we have an incredible eight year friendship that has formed a solid foundation for starting a business together.

When you design a ship, you take a complicated 3D shape and break it down into a set of 2D lines, which is exactly what we’re doing here on a smaller scale. We design our cards with a small team of illustrators here in Boston. Then, we work with a small family business in Vietnam that employs local craftsmen and women to program the laser cutters, construct the sculptures and then assemble and package the cards.

Whether you’re giving or getting a card – for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even “just because” – we want to make the experience memorable and meaningful. We believe people draw their strength and passion from close personal human relationships. We unlock this energy by expressing our care for other people – and those sentiments are most powerful when they are unexpected, deeply personal, and real. By happy accident, LovePop cards are all three.

And a LovePop sticks around. It ends up displayed on the mantle, the corner of your desk, or the dining room table. It becomes an everyday reminder of the person who gave it to you and the special relationship it represents and an essential part of the gift itself.

You can see the full collection of LovePop cards on our website at

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