New Invention – Linus is an inexpensive, simple to use drawing robot

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Linus is an inexpensive, simple to use drawing robot kit that can draw from photos or sketches on the computer.

Easy To Assemble Kit

Linus comes as an easy to assemble kit with all required parts included in the box. If you can put together a lego set, then you can put together Linus. With precision laser cut parts, the robot comes to life with just a few screws. A video tutorial will be made available online demonstrating the basics of Linus to get you up and creating masterpieces in no time. Assembly will come easy for those twelve and older. For those skilled in soldering surface mount components, a version of the kit is available with the the pcb unassembled for a lesser price.

Educational Tool

In the classroom, Linus invites engaging interactive lessons in electronics, programming and mathematics to audiences of all ages. From basic geometry of plotting points to teaching advanced non-linear algebra and space transforms through inverse kinematics; Linus is the ultimate tool in demonstrating mathematical concepts.

Open Source Software

Linus will come out of the box with all required software. For those interested in modifying the design, Linus is an open source platform with developer access to full documentation on interfacing to the robot. This includes an interface library (API) in the popular programming environment Processing. Linus coupled with custom software written in Processing will enable myriad additional creative uses for the robot.

Hardware Hacking Opportunities

Linus currently holds most pens and pencils, but can be modified to do much more. Connect to an Arduino micro-controller to combine Linus with your latest electronic project. Attach a circuit scribe pen to draw intricate circuit patterns on paper. With your imagination and ingenuity, the possibilities for Linus hacks and accessories are endless. We would love to feature your Linus hacks on our website.

Manufacturing Plan

Linus is made with the highest quality parts made possible through volume pricing on components and manufacturing. We designed Linus from the start with mass production in mind. The acrylic parts are laser cut by a manufacturing house capable of delivering high precision parts in high volume. The circuit boards are manufactured with the highest quality PCBs from a commercial fabrication facility. Each kit will be assembled and quality assured at Pixelated Thoughts before fulfillment.

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