New Invention – KoolThings + Smartphone = New KoolApplications for “IoT”

Like a magic wand, it merges all your favorite wireless gadgets into one simple, user friendly system that does it all.
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Clip KoolWand to your laptop or valuables (purse, gear) and get instantly alerted (via notification messaging to your phone) when someone attempts to move it. Conversely, KoolWand’s buzzer will go off if somebody moves your smartphone.

Attach KoolWand to your keys and never lose them again. Your Smartphone can trigger KoolWand’s alarm to locate them.

If you misplace the Smartphone instead, KoolWand can also track and find it by sounding the phone’s alarm tone.

Lose an item tagged with KoolWand and our Koolwand community automatically helps locate your lost item “behind the scenes.” Its last known GPS location is also saved to help narrow the search.

As your child gets home, KoolBridge sends a notification and a snapped photo (by an optional iOS device such as iPod touch) to your smart phone. A peace of mind.

Attach KoolWand onto any door and get alerted when that door is opened. “Facetime” an iPod Touch at home to view or record the event: an instant Security Camera System with very simple setup. Also great for saying hi to your pets when nobody is at home! A KoolThings Exclusive! Garage-door opener via your 3G/4G smartphone is a stretch-goal add-on too.

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