New Invention – KeyZ Bulky Keys Made Easy

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KeyZ: the world’s first simple intuitive way to carry keys, with a 32GB USB and multitool.

What is “KeyZ”?

KeyZ is the next generation solution to the key ring, and more.

We live in a digital world, but we still have to deal with keys. The age old design of the key ring no longer meets the need.

KeyZ is an all-American made product that lies flat in your pocket using minimal space.

Features and Benefits:


KeyZ is the THINNEST key holder on the market, with 0.025 inch stainless steel handles. You’ll never want to put a key ring in your pocket again.


KeyZ is silent. Stainless steel spring washers hold everything in place with perfect tension.


KeyZ is offered in multiple textures and finishes. Smooth lines and rugged elegance speak to the flawless combination of form and function.


The flowing form conceals the jagged cuts and rough edges of the keys to prevent snagging and poking.


KeyZ is compatible with any metal key, no matter the shape, size, or number of teeth. KeyZ works with them all, from a tiny mailbox key to a large car key.

KeyZ accommodates many other day-to-day items, such as ID & access cards, RFID chips, or the 32 Gigabyte USB drive that comes with every KeyZ. Built with a loop at the top of each handle, KeyZ works with lanyards and car key fobs too.


Assembly can be accomplished using almost any flat screwdriver, but additionally, the custom screws were designed to accommodate the thin edge of any credit card.

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