New Invention – Jolt Sensor: Better Concussion Detection for Youth Athletes

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Jolt is a wearable sensor that allows parents and coaches to track and evaluate their children’s head impacts in real-time.

Our Story

Jolt began as an engineering lab project at MIT following Ben’s concussion at wrestling practice. The concussion was made worse because it was not immediately detected and his already injured brain was exposed to additional dangerous impacts. Many of the 30 million youth athletes in the United States face the same problem — they lack access to adequate sideline technology and medical personnel to identify and evaluate dangerous head impacts as soon as they happen. Over the past year Jolt has developed a technology to address this problem, in the form of the Jolt Sensor.

What is the Jolt Sensor?

The Sensor

The Jolt Sensor is a small clip that can easily attach to any piece of head-worn athletic equipment. Whether you wear a helmet, a headband, goggles, or headgear, it’ll work. The sensor enclosure has a soft rounded silicone rubber exterior to prevent injury and is fully waterproofed to stand up to dirt, dust, sweat, and rain. It has a multi-week battery life and is rechargeable via a standard micro USB port.

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