New Invention – iScent: allowing you to use a custom scented mist as your ringtone or music.

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iScent is a Bluetooth 4.0 atomizer which works with your phone, allowing you to use a custom scented mist as your ringtone or music.

A Story of Ancient China
In ancient China, the Wolf Tower was used mainly to alert soldiers of the danger of encroaching neighbors. Soldiers would burn the excreta of wolves to create a smoke signal atop the tower. Other towers would then be able to spot the smoke signal from afar, and then create their own smoke signal which would pass the message further along to the next tower, and so on.

Smoke is a signal!

In the modern world, people use mobile phones to communicate. We are inundated with social media notifications. At the end of the day, those notifications are just like the smoke signals rising from the top of the Wolf Tower – messages.

Easy to Use

The iScent requires only two steps to set up. First, open up and pair with the iScent App. Next, choose the app that you want to trigger your iScent from the list below. After setup, it isn’t required that the app run in the background, even after rebooting your phone. Just make sure the aromatic water in the tower doesn’t run dry!

Incoming call
text message

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