New Invention – IR-LOCK: infrared target tracking for Drones & DIY Robotics

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Simple and accurate target tracking hardware for Drones & DIY Robotics. Works in bright sunlight and even complete darkness.

IR Target Tracking for Everybody!

The custom-manufactured IR-LOCK filter enables simple and accurate target tracking for Drones and other DIY robotics projects. Positions of IR LEDs are accurately reported at 50Hz, with a detection range of over 50 ft when using high-power LEDs. The product platform is based on the user-friendly Pixy vision sensor (link), running IR-LOCK’s specialized firmware.

IR-LOCK & Your Project

The Pixy vision sensor is Arduino-compatible for your complex target-tracking projects. If you want to keep things simple, you can control pan/tilt setups by directly connecting to two servos. The developed IR-LOCK firmware reports the location of all IR targets (for microcontroller setups), or tracks the largest IR target (for pan/tilt setups).

The custom-manufactured IR-LOCK filter blocks visible light, while allowing particular wavelengths of infrared light to pass through. 940nm IR LEDs are easily detected by the Pixy vision sensor. Since these LEDs are widely used in DIY and consumer products, the development cost for an IR target can be as low as $1 for an LED and coin battery, or long-range markers can be created using high-power LEDs.

The tracking range of the IR-LOCK filtered Pixy can be increased in various ways: (1) multiple LEDs can be clustered together to increase the size of the infrared target, (2) a lens with a narrower field of view will increase detection range (link), and (3) high-power LEDs can be used for long-range, outdoor applications.

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