New Invention – ICLOAK ™ Stik – Easy, Powerful, Online Privacy for YOU

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ICLOAK™ Stik is a portable privacy tool that enables you to browse anonymously and securely on any Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

Thanks for checking out our project page. We are grateful for everyone’s incredible interest and support!

We’ve been diligently working over the past eight months to develop ICLOAK™, a portable online anonymity tool to give you a fast, convenient and flexible way to browse the Internet anonymously on any computer.

We’ve done all the ground work and prototyping and now we need your help to take this baby to market and help folks take back their CHOICE about what’s tracked about them and what isn’t.

ICLOAK™ Stik is your superhero tool that turns any computer you use into a safe and trustworthy computer.

We’ve combined a security hardened operating system with a secure web browser, encrypted password management and more, onto a USB drive so you can plug it into any machine (even the most unsafe and virus filled), reboot the machine and start browsing as if you were using the safest, most secure, and UNTRACEABLE computer on the planet!

Once you finish browsing, unplug, reboot the computer again, and no one will ever know you even used that computer.

Below are 3 versions of the product packaging card that we are considering. In the white box in the middle will be a small plastic box that contains the actual USB device below.

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