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HAPI – Innovative technologies and know-how for the automated, scalable production of clean, safe food in diverse environments. Support this Project on Kickstarter:

HAPI is the Hydroponic Automation Platform Initiative. Our purpose is to revolutionize the food system by dramatically lowering the barriers to producing clean, organic food locally. We’ve worked hard to design and build the systems required to produce food with minimal cost. Now we want to crowd-source production centers in every city on the planet. Well, maybe not every city, but definitely IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

***Warning: Boring description follows. If you are sleepy, please skip to “On With The Awesome”.***

A key function of HAPI is the creation of automation and designs for scalable food production systems. This includes sensing and monitoring, remote control, automation, power management and the design of high-yield grow systems. The system modules can be customized based on the requirements and constraints of the end-users. All of the modules integrate seamlessly with each other, so a HAPI system is truly a happy system. The modules are designed to be low-cost, low-energy and wherever possible, open source. (For instance, the HAPI sensing and automation modules are based on the Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems.) Hardening options for harsh environments and security-sensitive areas will also be developed. Complete documentation will be generated to guide the user from module selection and acquisition through installation and operation. All designs, codes and documents will be released under open source licenses.

Educational outreach is a top priority for the HAPI project. To this end we are developing educational materials and courses focused on hydroponics, aquaponics and the basic technical skills required to build, maintain and automate the systems. All educational material will be available to the public for free. Our first class materials have already been released and can be freely accessed through the HAPI Learning Management System:

A final goal of HAPI is the creation of a rich market-space for the technologies we develop. This will be accomplished by actively engaging with potential fabricators and distributors, sharing plans and facilitating communication between HAPI adopters and the market-space through the project website.

***End of Boring: On With The Awesome***

Funds generated through this KickStarter campaign we be used to accomplish two goals. First, we will use a portion of the funds to expand our prototyping facility located within the Columbus Idea Foundry. This is our “mad invention” space where we design and build, fail, learn and succeed.

Second (and 10 times cooler), we will use much of the funding beyond our stated goal to build community-scale food production facilities. The first will be located in Columbus, Ohio and additional facilities will be built in locations decided by popular vote of our supporters and based on the total amount of funds generated. Every supporter will get 1 vote for site locations. A typical site will cost approximately $10,000 depending on the location, site design and crops selected for production. So, for every $10,000 beyond our goal, we’ll build out another food production site. “Build out” means that we will supply the systems, expertise and part of the labor required to get the sites operational. Then we’ll provide training and guidance to help the sites reach optimum production levels.

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Below are images and information about our rewards. As more reward-based media becomes available, we will be adding it here.

HAPI – Innovative technologies and know-how for the automated, scalable production of clean, safe food in diverse environments. Support this Project on Kickstarter:

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