New Invention – Hicon Smart wristband is all your social networks, made wearable!

Smart wristband BLE4.OLED display real time notifications, gesture recognition for exchange contacts.
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Dear Friends and Supporters,

in the last month following your feedback, suggestions and ideas, we have worked hard on a very important implementation of hicon. Now, we are proud to announce that we have successfully achieved this goal and we have launched this hicon campaign part two, to spread the word about this new main hicon feature.

hicon is now equipped with an OLED display 128×32 fully integrated into the wristband.

With the OLED display you can read any notification is important for you instantly thanks to the Message Screen Display fully integrated into the wristband.

hicon gives you total control over notifications and social media updates and the OLED display will show you only the contents and details of the notifications that You choose, so you can stay updated discreetly and get right back to what you were doing in a second

We have had to work to a complete and improved new design, while keeping all the great features and the hicon colors and the interchangeable icons that are still the same.

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