New Invention – Gummi Bear Skeleton Candle

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A behemoth of a gummi bear candle; as it drips away the inner demon awaits.

The Idea behind the Candle:

My idea all started for the love of gummi bears. I wanted to produce a candle different from ones I’ve seen on the market… something that everyone can relate to that brings back memories of eating those candies. I decided to put my concept into a motion and create a Gummi Bear Candle. However this isn’t your ordinary candle; it has a dark eerie demon inside. I’ve always liked the idea of Halloween, Jack-O-Lanterns and eerie shadowy figures flickering in the night. I wanted to tie in my love of candles with Halloween and landed on this idea.

Product Details:

A Gummi Bear candle with an embedded metal aluminum skeleton. As the candle burns, the skeleton frame begins to appear.Each Candle will burn for 100+hrs.Dimensions of each candle are 8.50 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide x 4 inches thick

I recommend placing your bear candle in a 9″ pie pan or similar container to contain the melting wax.

Why we need the funding:

I have met with my manufacture and we are ready to go into full production. However, we need inventory to send samples to distributors, retail stores, press media, and our loyal backers. Currently, the small inventory we have on hand is not enough to accomplish all this. We have already taken care of the most difficult part of this project by completing the tooling molds, wax molds, and the unnecessary headaches with manufacturing.

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