New Invention – GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote to control your phone

GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote to control your phone. Music
makes the moment and GoGlove helps you live it without distraction.
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How it works

With sensors placed in the fingertips and a magnet in the thumb, the Bluetooth module connects to your phone allowing for remote control. A free app opens many new features and lets you to customize which functions you want to use to interact with your phone. You can control any music app remotely when you are running, biking, skiing, at the gym, or simply walking to work. We know music can make the moment, and we want you to control yours.

GoGlove can go beyond just music though, allowing you to control your camera, GoPro®, and even other apps. This is a perfect companion to anyone on the go.

The Design
GoGlove uses high quality materials in a thin glove liner that can be worn on its own or underneath another glove. With our patent pending AirTap technology, you can wear any outer glove without losing functionality. We included an “activate sensor” at the base of the middle finger to ensure you don’t accidentally change a song. Since we are using Bluetooth Low Energy, the battery will last up to 6 months of daily use.

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