New Invention – Glowbelt is The World’s First Retractable LED Safety Belt

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Glowbelt is the world’s first rectractable LED safety belt for fans of the great outdoors, fitness enthusiasts, children and more.

A compact LED belt for everyone

Glowbelt is the first in a new generation of wearable LED products keeping you safe at night.

Compact, lightweight and bright, the belt pulls out from a small and attractive case and can be worn as a sash or belt allowing you to keep safety in your pocket or glovebox.

Anyone on the road has the right to feel safe, whether it be on the roadside during a break down or while out walking the dog. Glowbelt makes you visible well before a car’s headlights illuminate you.

Glowbelt is designed to be accessible for everyone so it will be sold for £12 and is as versatile as the world we live in.

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