New Invention – Game of Drones – World’s Toughest Action Sports Airframe

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The Action-Sports Airframe: The Virtually Unbreakable, Practically Indestructible, First, Best & Last Drone Airframe You’ll Ever Need.

Flying amateur drones and UAV’s is a fun and exciting hobby, and we were sold the moment we first saw one flying around overhead. Our excitement quickly deflated once we tried to build and fly some of the hobby drone kits on the market. Every crash – and even many hard landings – were devastating to the fragile airframes that were available and could easily cost hundreds of dollars in damages. Even a “good” day of flying would still cost up to $25 in broken frame parts and pieces. It was clear that this was going to be an expensive hobby, especially during the learning curve.

So we decided to build a better UAV airframe.

We began searching for a way to make a stronger, less expensive airframe. We experimented with cheap hardware and scraps, researched an array of exotic materials, and even tried making disposable airframes out of laser-cut cardboard. Ultimately all of these concepts were unable to meet our requirements – Inexpensive to make, extremely damage resistant, and quick and easy to make repairs when needed.

Reinventing the Wheel

Starting with crude hand-made models we were able to make proof-of-concept prototypes. We decided to join Techshop for access to their Makerbots, laser-cutters and other manufacturing infrastructure and soon began outputting more more sophisticated CNC molds from our original CAD designs.

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