New Invention – Future Home: Self-powered smart home!

With brilliant, innovative and friendly solutions, we want to introduce smart homes to everyone!
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The one app for your home
After working as technicians installing smart homes for years it always annoyed us how the solutions that are available on the market were so unnecessarily complicated, inflexible, outdated and costly. That’s why we started Future Home – to make a smart home system that “just works” for everyone. With Future Home we wish to empower people to get complete control of all the electronics in their home; all from a single application.

We continuously make sure we keep up with the rapid development of today’s smart home technology and make sure we support the latest in smart home electronics such as TVs, home theater systems, etc. We also believe that a smart home should not be accessible from a select few devices and have therefore made sure that the Future Home application is available on any device, be it a smart phone, smart watch, tablet, computer or even glasses.

Intelligent Lighting
With Future Home you get simple one-touch light control available from any device. In addition to this, settings are available for you to automate the lighting in your house based on brightness and motion. You can for example set Future Home to turn on a light in a room when it detects a presence there, or turn off all lights when there’s no presence in your house.

Climate Control
Automatic adjustments of the temperature in your house is a breeze with Future Home. Timers and house-modes are easy to set up and allow you to efficiently utilize the heating equipment you already have installed in your house. As an example, Future Home can be configured to lower the temperature in rooms when you are away at work or sleeping, and can of course be set to heat the rooms back up again for when you come back home or wake up.

Annoyed by the sun? Set your blinds or other form of shading to automatically adjust themselves when it’s bright outside. You can control everything straight from your phone, so you don’t even have to leave your cozy couch to pull the blinds down.

Out and about and wish you had a pot of steaming coffee waiting for you when you came home? No worries, open Future Home and turn it on from anywhere. Suddenly realized that you might have left the stove on? Again, Future Home comes to the rescue. Just check the Future Home and turn it off.

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