New Invention – FrankenCamera II Leica M3 reversible digital conversion kit

I’m creating a reversible digital conversion kit for Leica M3 cameras.
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I started this project as a hobby creating a one off conversion of a Konica Auto S3, but due to the amazing amount of support I have decided to make a reversible and simpler conversion for the most iconic rangefinder camera of all time, the Leica M3.

You can see a full report of the first project at

I will be placing a digital sensor within the M3 with all the circuitry and electronics it requires to work. The sensor will probably be from the Sony NEX-5 but if I can get enough funding I will try to use the the full frame Sony A7.

I am planning to make two models, one with a the camera’s LCD for viewing photos and adjusting settings, and the other with only an ISO dial.

Your funding support will allow me to buy the necessary cameras, spend the time designing it and order the necessary prototypes.

When the project is complete, prices will be lower if demand is sufficient for batch production.

The more money I can raise, the better quicker and cheaper I can make it so thank you in advance!

(Image by Hannes Grobe)

Video used with permission. Video Copyright (c) of its respective owner.

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