New Invention – FixMeStick for Mac: First plug-in and plug-out device for malware.

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FixMeStick for Mac: First plug-in and plug-out device that anyone can use to remove hard-to-detect malware from Apple computers.

What is it?

The FixMeStick for Mac is a bootable USB device that makes virus removal simple, and won’t harm your Mac. It’s also, as far as we can tell, the first bootable external device for the Macintosh line.

Why do I need it?

Macs have gained so much market share, they’ve become a target for malware. For example, the Flashback virus infected around 1% of the world’s Macs – yikes!

Viruses that get past anti-virus can be impossible to find or remove after the fact. A computer virus is like a double-agent or mole inside your system – it’s in a position to circumvent security software, making it hard to find.

How do I use it?

Simply insert a FixMeStick into your Mac’s USB port, reboot, and let it run. When it’s done scanning for viruses, you click “exit” and the FixMeStick reboots your Mac back into your regular Mac OS. No software is ever installed on your Mac, i.e. software conflicts or performance problems are technologically impossible with the FixMeStick.

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