New Invention – FITGuard the Impact Indicating Mouthguard for athletes

FITGuard -The Brain’s Check-Engine Light
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Force Impact Technologies

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The FITGuard™ is the first mouthguard that can measure the force of an impact and illuminate LEDs to visually display the force from the impact. The color-coded LEDs provide an instant visual indication to the coaches and officials… when a player needs to come off of the field to be properly evaluated.

What we do
Force Impact Technologies provides a comprehensive approach to identify, document, and respond to potential head injuries in athletic activities.

Our FITGuard™:

Measures linear and angular acceleration
Processes those inputs through our proprietary algorithm

LEDs in the mouthguard illuminate to indicate when a user should be removed from play

The LEDs have a blue indication for a “medium” force impact and a red indication for a “severe” force impact

The LEDs provide an instant, visual, indication to coaches and officials, that a player should be removed from the field

Bluetooth technology to transmit impact data to our FIT smartphone application

The LEDs do not signal that a player has suffered a concussion, rather the LEDs indicate that an impact was severe enough that the player should seek a more comprehensive evaluation. After a severe impact, the FIT application prompts individuals to perform an Acute Concussion Evaluation (A.C.E.) for the player that has been removed for play.The A.C.E. does not diagnose a potential concussion, however, the results will be useful to provide to a physician, when they are making their official clinical diagnoses. In addition, the impact data (without any names or identifying information) is uploaded to our servers in hopes that it will create the first database of cranial forces in youth sport. This is important because it will allow further research to be conducted to better understand the risk athletes expose themselves to.

We target youth athletics because this demographic is the most vulnerable to concussions and typically has the fewest medical support resources at the time of an incident. The youth of today are the stars of tomorrow!

Earn a free FITGuard™ by referring friends

Help us by spreading the word via email and social media. You can earn $10 in credit toward our campaign every time one of your referrals purchases a FITGuard™. The amount of credit you can earn is limitless! Once the campaign is over, we will apply this credit to your account, giving you a refund on your purchase or credit on the purchase of a new FITGuard™. Please note that contributors cannot receive referral credit for referring themselves. Of two contributors, only one can be the ‘referrer’ and receive campaign credit for the other’s contribution.

How to participate in the referral program: It’s simple. Log in to your Indiegogo account . Be sure to use the same account you used when you claimed your FITGuard™. Then, look below our main video at the top of this page for buttons to share and copy your unique URL. Start sharing!

Need more information? We have created detailed instructions here.

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