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STAFF PICK: Every time you eat out, go shopping or do something fun, you help employ someone in need to plant a tree.

The challenge

Every day, we lose 50,000 football fields worth of trees, emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere than all cars, planes, trains and ships combined. Less trees also means we can’t turn CO2 into oxygen, exasperating climate change. Meanwhile 40% of Ethiopians live in extreme poverty with limited access to water, food and education.

The opportunity

We’re setting out to hire single Ethiopian moms in need to plant a tree every time you eat out, go shopping or do something fun. The app will be free to download, free to use and huge fun. Creating jobs is the most dignified, sustainable and long-term solution for extreme poverty and the atmospheric benefits of planting trees are the same regardless of where we plant them.

Next steps

We have two years experience running a similar program with a $30 book. We have partners in Ethiopia who’ve planted 6 million trees. We have hundreds of participating businesses on board with new ones coming on board every day. With your support, we can finish development and bring this project to life.

Healthy: You’ll find tons of outdoor activities, organic groceries, locavore restaurants… everything you need to live a healthier, more balanced and resourceful way of life.

Community-minded: You’ll discover businesses that organize community programs, volunteer their time or make significant charitable contributions.

Planet-friendly: You’ll find businesses that participate in the sharing economy, provide eco-friendly alternatives and proactively reduce their footprint.

Local: You’ll find indie businesses that help create jobs, increase investment, reduce environmental impact and reduce taxation in your own back yard.

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